Jeremy Novy


Jeremy Novy Presents: Queer Street Art, Fighting for Legitimacy

Daily from April 28-29
7 p.m.-12 a.m.
Art, Benefits,Parties,Receptions, Galleries, LGBTQ

Stencil graffiti art can be used to make a political statement, to add art in unexpected places, and to beautify public spaces. Bay Area-based artist Jeremy Novy has been demonstrating this with his stencil work, which has popped up on sidewalks, on street signs, and in public restrooms. His pieces often come in multiples: Koi fish swim on concrete, birds and butterflies swarm the side of a building, and naughty hand signals cover a pole. When he’s not working with clusters he’s celebrating duos, which include cackling drag queens, crushed PBR cans, and bearded dudes kissing. The artist will be in town this weekend for a two-day show. Friday night’s party includes live music by Venus de Mars. A stencil workshop will be hosted by Novy during the day. Call for more info and to sign up (tickets are $60). 7 p.m. to midnight Friday.