Photo by Ellika Henrikson


Jens Lekman

March 8
7 p.m.
Indie Pop, Singer-Songwriter

Not long ago, Jens Lekman found himself in an intense songwriting slump. The witty Gothenburg indie-pop maestro submitted a near-finished album to his label in 2014 and was surprised to learn that no one there was much impressed. Lekman recovered by putting himself through a sort of songwriting boot camp in 2015: He resolved to release one song every week for the entire year and ultimately completed his mission. It’s good to have him back. An inventive songwriter, Lekman has always used varied instrumentation to create a bubbly, vibrant sound, and now he’s also grown more stylistically adventurous. His latest album, Life Will See You Now, has elements of everything from disco to calypso, and the sharp storytelling and specificity of the lyrics make it an improvement over his relatively anonymous 2012 album, I Know What Love Isn’t. In fact, it’s Lekman’s best record since his 2007 breakthrough, Night Falls Over Kortedala. Lisa/Liza, aka Maine songwriter Liza Victoria, opens.