Jens Lekman

Though not so fey as Belle & Sebastian, nor as aggressively intellectual as Stephin Merritt—the acts to whom he is most often compared—Swedish baroque-pop darling Jens Lekman does a fine job of turning dour sentiments and catchy melodies into an endearing, easily digested commodity, here and at home. On record, Lekman's rich tapestry of pop textures can be very seductive, weaving varied samples, guitars, ukes, and his slightly wobbly vocals together in unexpected ways. Live, it's a crapshoot, ranging from the sublime to the embarrassing. Expect renditions of songs from his new disc, Night Falls Over Kortedala, as well as the deservedly ubiquitous classics "Maple Leaves" and "Black Cabs."
Sat., Nov. 3, 9 p.m., 2007

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