Jenny Dalton's 2nd Annual Multimedia Show

There is something romantic about the very idea of Jenny Dalton: She writes poems about soul-searching, sings fluidly over a rolling piano, crafts songs about yearning for love, water, and air. There is a mystical element to Dalton's music that is almost more powerful than the songs themselves; it's as if the disc might not play properly without the accompaniment of some burning candles and a stick or two of incense. Dalton's new disc, Rusalka's Umbrella, plays off the water theme to create a swirling, entrancing concept album, which will be co-released with Dalton's first book, Daughters of the Dead Sea. The book is a collection of journal entries and poems, but despite the implied personal nature of such writings, her prose and verses remain as vague and mysterious as the lyrics of her songs. Who is Jenny Dalton, anyway? Is she more than just a concept girl? It's possible that she, too, is still figuring that out. Dalton will be joined this evening by former Cloud Cult members Dan Greenwood and Mara Stremm, folk singer Eliza Blue, and visual artist El Perdido. All Ages.
Thu., July 24, 6 p.m., 2008

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