Jennifer Davis: Spree

There is a tinge of quirky and girly to Jennifer Davis's paintings, but her work is never frilly or overwrought. For every pastel-pink car there is a teeth-baring dinosaur, its hot-pink stripes turning blood-red. There may be dignified beasts in argyle sweaters, but there is also a lady with black nail polish and bruised knuckles. While in the past Davis has mostly worked in pastels, pieces featured in "Spree" contain splashes of more intense hues: searing pinks, electric lime yellows, and '80s eye-shadow blue. The usual suspects and subjects remain consistent—girls and beasts return—but the palette appears to be shifting. The opening reception from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m. this Saturday, March 27, will feature beer and live music from the Book of Right On, and a print of Davis's Owl by Burlesque of North America will be for sale.
March 27-April 20, 2010

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