Jennifer Davis & Amy Crickenberger Oeth: News from the Moon

When people think of art, they probably don't mentally flash to watercolors and fingerpaints on a preschool classroom wall. But why not? This is exactly where Amy Crickenberger Oeth draws inspiration from. She creates art free from the obvious expectations and packaging. As a result, her paintings take on a free-form quality: Watercolor, acrylics, and oil splash, swirl, and giggle in an uninhibited celebration of imagination. White boxes travel across a red rainbow or are rocketed in yellow across a bloom of blue. Whimsical, to say the least, her work is reminiscent of the best of fridge art: enthusiastic, smile-inducing, and randomly lovely. Also showing at "News from the Moon" will be Jennifer Davis, whose acrylic paintings, drawings, and collage work also emit whimsy like a homemade cupcake: Images include a cat slurping milk under a sea of gumdrop colors, and people boarding a giant, multicolored, pastel armadillo for a ride.
Jan. 3-31, 2008

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