Jen Markey

There are few singer-songwriters quite as blunt and sardonic as Jen Markey. When Ms. Markey played a hootenanny last fall with heavy-hitters Billy Bragg, Tom Morello, and Ike Reilly, she had all the men doubling over in laughter with her sarcastic, local landmark-checking country ballad "Minneapolis or You," showing that she had the chops and the wit to assert herself as one of the boys. Get a load of these lyrics: "I'd rather drink Muddy Waters coffee, than to stick around here with you/Or do it underneath the Cherry Spoon, or hang out at Deja Vu/I used to love you baby, even more than the Como Zoo/But I don't know which I hate more, Minneapolis or you." And on top of her sharp sense of humor, Markey sings with a loud, brash voice that gives her wry lyrics even more bite. Check her out every other Monday night at the 331 Club, a no-cover haven for developing local songwriters.
Every other Monday, 6:30 p.m., 2009

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