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Jeff Cesario

Daily from Oct. 4-6
8 p.m.
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Jeff Cesario has been featuring for Brian Regan recently, but he’ll jump off that tour this week to headline at the Acme. “I tend to do edgier stuff when left to my own devices,” he notes. “Maybe edgy is the wrong word. I cover more bases and it’s more personal.” He’s built up a bunch of new material, and is looking forward to sharing it with Twin City audiences. “It’s stuff about the times we’re living in as well as my own life. I talk about my daughter and being married.” The writing process is ongoing, he explains. “Being married,” he says, “I realize why Buddhist monks are not. It’s easy to be zen when you’re alone, but when you have to interact with people? The tension triples immediately.” Cesario also explores current events. “Where the country is right now is really interesting. It’s kind of fun to see where everybody is at.” To that end, he keeps his comedy true to himself. “I tend to drive down the middle of the road politically anyway, offstage, as a human being.” With folks screaming from both sides, he thinks the moderates have been ignored. “I think a lot of people have forgotten we’re the middle. We’re supposed to be holding this country together. It’s fun to remind people of that.” 18+.