Jeff Capri

Comedian Jeff Capri has standup comedy in his blood. "Basically, I am a second-generation comic," he explains. "My father is comedian Dick Capri, who is a Borscht Belt, East Coast, Catskills guy." Jeff's parents split-up when he was young; he grew up in southern California. However, he'd visit his dad back east. Between watching his old man perform and listening to the younger comics on cable, the younger Capri developed a hybrid style of comedy. "I talk about myself because that's the only thing I know about," he confesses. "Some of the Borscht Belt DNA has stuck with me, though. Henny Youngman does make an appearance every once in a while." Capri has performed in a variety of places, from comedy clubs to cruise ships—even a nudist colony. He remained clothed. "It was a person that had booked a lot of country club-type jobs for me," he recalls. "They approached her, and she thought it was another gated community, which technically it was." Though he had a good set, the whole experience wasn't as exotic as it sounds. "It was a lot of nudity that you didn't want to see." Of course they say if you're nervous in front of an audience, picture them in their underwear. "Picturing the audience naked wasn't too difficult, but it was the kind of situation where I was picturing them with their clothes on." 18+; 21+ later shows.
May 26-29, 8 p.m.; May 27-28, 10:30 p.m., 2011

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