Jazz Implosion

There's something endearingly weird about the Turf Club's recurring Monday night jazz showcase: it's situated in the surrealist circus decor of the wood-paneled basement Clown Lounge, and the grand marshals of the whole undertaking, the free jazz trio Fat Kid Wednesdays, can shift from an offbeat faux-amateurism to brilliantly moving and complex reveries in an instant. Esoteric as that may sound, they pack 'em in by the dozens -- no small feat for Monday nights -- and there's a particular rarefied feel to these nights that hits a sweet spot between sophisticated cool and accessible absurdity. And while Bates, Linz and Lewis preside over the show with an expert flair for the outer limits of jazz, the regular rotation of guests -- encompassing just about every experimental and free jazz group in the metro -- means you'll have even more of a reason to make Jazz Implosion a regular Monday night thing.
Mondays, 9 p.m., 2010

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