While it provides a tantalizing jumping-off point, comparing this Vancouver act to art-punks No Age would be all too easy and a little misleading. Like their Los Angeles counterparts, Japandroids are two guys: Brian King and David Prowse. There is, indeed, a similarity in their sounds, as both bands produce a hell of a lot of noise with little more than big, jagged riffs and sweaty, propulsive drumming. But that's about as far as the comparison's usefulness goes, for Japandroids are utterly devoid of the artistic purviews or carefully crafted noise sprawl that propelled No Age to indie stardom. These Canadians play sloppily and aggressively, often shouting in unison vocals that do little more than exhibit a reckless, youthful exuberance and a preference for hanging out with girls over making art. Both sides of the coin are important, but we should nonetheless give thanks on this occasion for such a large helping of the Dionysian. With Avi Buffalo. 18+.
Sat., April 10, 9 p.m., 2010

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