James Chronister: Ceremony

While growing up, artist James Chronister spent a great deal of time listening to his cassette tapes while walking through the woods of Montana. You can definitely see these two influences in his most recent gallery show, "Ceremony." This exhibit features six oil paintings on canvas that explore both nature and rock 'n' roll. And though it might seem like a painting of Mick Jagger would clash with one of a forest, it's an interesting contrast of themes held together by Chronister's unique aesthetic. Each painting begins as a black canvas, the image slowly forming as the artist adds dashes of white paint. The resulting images are haunting in quality; up close they are Monet-like in their blurriness, but when viewed from a distance each is highly detailed, as if they were black-and-white photography.
Sept. 24-Nov. 7, 2010

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