Jake "The Snake" Roberts WWE


Jake "The Snake" Roberts

Nov. 23
7 p.m.
$20; $50 for VIP meet-and-greet
Comedy, Speakers

In the 1980s, professional wrestling experienced an unprecedented surge of popularity, driven largely by the audacious talents and outlandish personas of the World Wrestling Federation. Amid the organization’s stable of superstars, Jake “The Snake” Roberts was a standout. Known for terrifying opponents with his ever-present pet python, Roberts was positioned to be a villain before the crowd support dictated his shift to hero. Whether defeating his rivals with a dreaded DDT (his signature finishing move) or delivering menacing on-camera promos, Roberts had charisma to burn, establishing himself as one of the most formidable figures of the era. But behind the scenes, Roberts was facing drug and alcohol addiction along with an accumulation of excruciating injuries, and he found himself in career exile. In recent years, Roberts has mounted a remarkable personal comeback, devoting himself to sobriety and health. The man retains a wicked wit, as will be evidenced in his speaking engagement at the Cabooze. For his Dirty Details tour, Roberts will share not just the tawdry tales of being on the wrestling circuit during its most decadent years, but his courage in seeking personal redemption outside the ring.