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Jake Johannsen

Daily from March 8-11
8 p.m.
Daily from March 10-11
10:30 p.m.

“Man, I wish I had a good story,” says comedian Jake Johannsen when asked about what he’s been up to since his last visit to the Twin Cities. “It wasn’t really my dream to spend my career going from club to club doing my show, but it’s kind of what I’ve done, and I’m enjoying it.” Many comedy fans consider Johannsen to be one of our greats, and he’s an inspiration to younger standups. “I feel there are more great comedians now than ever,” he says. “There are just really solid creative comics out there. We’re kind of moving away from the idea that a comedy show is something you give tickets away for to get people to buy booze and food... Hopefully, a comedy show is something you pay money for and people want to see what you have to offer.” Always an adept storyteller, Johannsen these days is talking about how hard it is to be a person. “We’re all just waking up every day and struggling to get our shit done so we can get to that little desert of what we want to do each day.” 18+.