If you run across one of those aging, bitter punk bros moping about how indie rock's all pudding-soft, go right ahead and mock him for not paying enough attention. Noisy retro-proto-punk is still a thing, as it has been since the first zipper-booted dirtbags with bangs in their eyes and the Stones in their sights emerged from the primordial garage. Milwaukee's Jaill are one of the subtler types of bands in that milieu, having rode a wave of punchy, half-scowling/half-cheerful power pop from three-chord hotbed Burger Records all the way to the Sub Pop roster. Last year's Traps and its 2010 predecessor That's How We Burn are deceptively chill; their mid-tempo pacing and judicious usage of acoustic guitars are better suited to soundtracking the aftermath of a ruckus than the ruckus itself. But call them soft at your own peril -- there's some serrated edges under all that hooky melody. With Brighton, MA, Ranger Ranger, the Mystery Train. (Photo by Renate Winter)
Sat., May 18, 8:30 p.m., 2013

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