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Jackie Kashian

Daily from Feb. 6-10
8 p.m.
Daily from Feb. 9-10
10:30 p.m.

Though she’s from Milwaukee originally, and now lives in Los Angeles, Jackie Kashian considers the Acme Comedy Co. to be her home club because that’s where she got her start. Recently, she was at a club in a city where one would think the audiences would be very savvy about comedy: New York. Well, Long Island specifically. “The room was a little too well lit,” she says. “At the late show Saturday there was a couple making out so hard, she was in his lap.” Kashian, who had a full view, addressed them. “Guys, you genuinely have to stop, because I’m up here trying to think. You either have to leave, or we can stop the show and watch you guys. That might be worth $17.” Kashian has appeared several times on Conan, and still hosts her long-running and popular podcast The Dork Forest, on which she interviews the famous and not-at-all famous about a specific hobby or interest. She also co-hosts The Jackie and Laurie Show, a podcast about standup comedy from a woman’s perspective, with fellow comic Laurie Kilmartin. 18+.