Jackie Kashian

"I'm the golden retriever of comedy," says Jackie Kashian. "Everyone's always glad to see me, and I can play any kind of room, from blue-collar NASCAR fans to the intelligentsia. The NASCAR people are smarter than you think and the intelligentsia love a good fart joke." Yes, life is good for the Wisconsin native. A favorite of fellow comics like Jimmy Dore, Jimmy Pardo, and Marc Maron, Kashian has also found Hollywood warming to her comedic charms. "I'm aging into the right casting," she says. "People are looking at me going, 'Yeah, we can cast her as an airport cop. We can cast her as the crazy mom, or the crazy lawyer lady.'" It gets better. "My album [It's Never Going to be Bread] was one of Amazon's top 10 comedy albums of 2010," she reports. She's built a solid following since the week in 1985 when she heckled Sam Kinison. That incident was followed by an invitation to that club's open mic night. However, it's not how people got into standup that interests Kashian, but why they stay in it. "Looking around, the scene is littered with broken people. So why would you want to work in that field? Why not? It's addictive and fascinating." 18+. (Photo by Michael Helms)
Feb. 1-5, 8 p.m.; Feb. 4-5, 10:30 p.m., 2011

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