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Jackie Fabulous

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Jackie Fabulous is probably most widely known for being a recent contestant on America’s Got Talent, but she’s been making audiences laugh for quite a while. A native of the Bronx, she quit her job as an attorney to pursue comedy full-time. Most of her set is based on her everyday life. “I’ve tried online dating,” she tells an audience. “It’s my man mall. I go online, get a clutch purse, a pair of shoes, and a boyfriend. It’s all the same thing.” Sometimes dating can get frustrating. “We saw three movies in a week,” she explains about one relationship. “I said, ‘When are we going to stop watching movies and start making some? I’m kind of bored.’ And he said, ‘You’re a nice lady; I want to be a gentleman.’ I said, ‘Who told you to do that? I met you on hot chocolate dot lust dot com. You’re not my soul mate.’” In her live set she gets a bit edgier and even more self-effacing as she talks about weight loss, her love life, and more.