Jack Brass Band (CD-Release)

"We will not forget about New Orleans," Obama told the city recently, though he could have fooled anyone hoping for a full-scale reversal of the manmade environmental, engineering, and economic degradations that made Katrina an American disaster. Minnesota's Jack Brass Band never forgot, and never will: Not only do they continue to help and maintain contacts with their friends in the funky, street-based NOLA brass-band world, but they give the music a foothold here, with enough freshness and trueness to bring their version to New Orleans itself, and have many guests from the scene sit in. This show celebrates 10 years of Jack with the release of the band's fourth independently issued CD, Fourth Movement, the best document yet of their giddy, blast-and-boom magnificence. With Cadillac Kolstad and the Flats. 18+.
Fri., Dec. 18, 8:30 p.m., 2009

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