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J. Elvis Weinstein

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“I’m always jumping around,” says Minneapolis native J. Elvis Weinstein. “I’m sort of in transition right now. I’m not sure what the next big project is.” On the standup front, Weinstein will perform at Acme this week. In other news, he recently completed the process of clearing all the music rights for his long-awaited documentary on musician/actor Michael des Barres. “That should finally come out sometime this year,” he reports. Usually when he returns to the Twin Cities he does a show with old pal Chris Bliss. While he’ll be on his own this time, Weinstein prefers to work with friends when he can. “My favorite expression of friendship is making stuff with friends, doing a creative project. That’s the most fun you can have.” To that end he’ll often feature for buddies Tom Segura and Chad Daniels. “When I do standup, it’s more fun to have someone you can hang out with as opposed to just tell jokes, get check, go home.” Speaking of old friends and projects, many fans are curious about Weinstein’s possible return to Mystery Science Theater 3000. He laughs, and says, “All I can say is I’m not allowed to say.”