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Every Tue., Wed., Thu., Fri., Sat., and Sun. from Jan. 13-Feb. 3
7:30 p.m.
Every Sun. from Jan. 14-Feb. 4
2 p.m.

The Jungle Theater’s 2018 season opens with what’s either a one-man or a four-man retelling of Moby Dick, depending on whether you count the three bluegrass musicians who share the stage with the narrator. Leo Geter, whom you may remember as Rich from Footloose, writes and directs this play, which evolved from a 2015 Fringe show called White Whale. As Jim Parker, Nate Sipe, and Kevin Kniebel (the latter two members of Pert Near Sandstone) provide a soundtrack, a middle-aged Ishmael (Jack Weston) recounts the unforgettable adventure he had in his youth. “It gives the audience an experience close to what it’s like reading the book,” explained Geter in a promotional video. “It’s kind of overwhelming, and then it just sort of leaves you, drops you, and you’re left to contemplate the vastness of the story, of the universe, what’s transpired, and the desire we all have to seek out something beyond ourselves and experience the unknown.