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Ira Glass: Seven Things I've Learned

May 11
8 p.m.

Ira Glass’ most recent live talk series, Seven Things I’ve Learned, has a simple origin. “What’s different about this [talk] is that it’s just really an excuse to tell seven interesting stories that are fun to tell an audience, along with video and audio that I share,” says the host of This American Life. The seven stories have changed since he first began touring with this presentation. Some are derived from his popular radio show, while some he’s found through other means. An accomplished journalist and broadcaster, Glass has come to really enjoy performing live. “It’s nice to be in front of people,” he says. “It’s very different than being on the radio. When I’m talking on the radio, I’m in a soundproof room, and in a theoretical way I am talking to people, but it’s a little bit abstract. But to be in an actual room with people... when there’s something funny they laugh, and it’s just a much more enjoyable experience.”