Intersections: Where Art Meets Fashion

Clothes with logos and artistic depictions of people, comic book heroes, and TV and movie characters are nothing new. A stroll through the luggage aisle at Target will greet you with glittery, pastel-colored Hannah Montana backpacks; the children's clothing department is brimming with Batman T-shirts and rompers shilling the latest Disney blockbuster. But clothes that genuinely display reputable art do exist. You'll just have to go to the Goldstein Museum of Design to find them. The museum's latest exhibit, "Intersections: Where Art Meets Fashion," boldly explores what happens when expressive art collides with a wearable canvas, like when Roy Lichtenstein's super-enlarged comic-book paintings are splashed across a women's business suit, for instance. "Intersections" shows the reverse influence as well—that is, when art is inspired directly by fashion, such as in the works of Wayne Thiebaud, who gained notoriety with lithographs focusing on tubes of lipstick, boots, and other shoes. Handbag lovers also won't be disappointed. Funky purses designed by artists for Louis Vuitton are included in the exhibit, as is a bag designed by the late Franco Moschino that is plastered with the word "Logo." (pictured: Cheap and Chic by Moschino)
July 11-Nov. 1, 2009

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