The striking thing about New York's Interpol in 2002 was that they seemed to hear, in a certain British post-punk band to which they were endlessly compared, not just an outlook to affect but a Rolling Stones-sized groove to enlarge and deepen—something this non-Goth never really noticed in Joy Division. Eight years later, you can still blast Turn on the Bright Lights on a highway into the night without ever noticing the lyrics (beyond Paul Banks's perfect, quavering-cowboy vocals) or feeling the urge to swerve into oncoming traffic. The band, now a trio plus side-men, rocks harder than ever, and is touring ahead of a fourth, self-titled album due out in September on Matador. If "Mammoth," off their previous album, and the new "Barricade" are any indication, those monster minor-key drones are increasingly matched to graceful vocal hooks and funk. With Twin Tigers. 18+.
Sat., Aug. 14, 6 p.m., 2010

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