International Ski Jumping Competition

Although it lacks the mass appeal of the Olympics, a pretty nifty international competition will happen in Bloomington this Wednesday. Some of the world's top ski jumpers from the U.S., Finland, Norway, Poland, and Russia will converge on the Minneapolis Ski Club's vertigo-inducing hill, where they will descend down a ramp that will send them flying 300 feet into the air. It's a perfect primer on the Olympic version of the sport about to go down in Vancouver, complete with drama and the will-they-crash factor familiar to NASCAR fans (minus the whole female ski jumpers suing for the right to compete; although the Olympics banned them, women do compete at this tournament and in the Minneapolis Ski Club). But don't get too excited about potential injuries; it's actually a pretty safe sport. And even though the forecast is predicting the less-than-appealing likelihood of single-digit temperatures (and possibly snow), there will also be toasty warm viewing areas. In addition to the sheer spectacle of the sport, it also comes at the pretty good ticket price of $5 per person, but parking space is limited. For more info visit (Photo by tpower1978)
Wed., Feb. 3, 6 p.m., 2010

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