International Ski Jumping Competition Jerry Holt


International Ski Jumping Competition 2019

Jan. 20
4-7 p.m.
$10; plus $20 per vehicle
Sports - Spectator

There are only a few things worth going outside for in this shitty weather, and one of those things is seeing sick ski jumps. If you can drag yourself out from under your weighted blanket for a few hours, your seasonal depression will be instantly cured (or at least put on pause) by International Nordic Ski Jumping. It’s like a mini-Olympics taking place at the Bush Lake Ski Jumps, as elite ski jumpers from Europe, Canada, and the U.S. will be going head-to-head for moderately sized trophies and big cash prizes. Come see people soar 300 feet in the air while you relax from the stable ground below, or from the climate-controlled chalet. The $10 it costs to get in is only slightly more expensive than an Amazon Prime rental of Better Off Dead.