International Guitar Night

This annual assembly of some of the planet's outstanding acoustic guitarists promises not only scads of dazzling fretwork and revelatory music from scattered parts of the globe, but perhaps most interestingly, lessons in how four disparate stylists bring their ideas together for the ensemble pieces. As always, IGN founder Brian Gore, a California fingerstylist, will be on hand with his often moody, lushly melodic array of tunes streaked with classical, blues, and folk elements. England's Clive Carroll, a protégé of John Renbourne, can get a little spacey à la Michael Hedges, but also strays into jazz-inflected stuff, newgrass, and Celtic material. World-renowned Malagasy ace D'Gary gained widespread recognition when guitarists Henry Kaiser and David Lindley made a series of recordings in Madagascar. D'Gary's intricate, percussive style is derived from a Malagasy zither called the marovany, and seems to incorporate the spirit of the blues. He's also the only singer in the group, with a flowing, keening style. Rounding out the quartet is Miguel de la Bastide, a native of Trinidad who studied flamenco in Spain, and plays with the lightning energy of the genre.
Sun., Jan. 27, 7:30 p.m., 2008

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