"Interior Violence" Meg Lionel Murphy


Interior Violence

Feb. 8
7-10 p.m.
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The women featured in Meg Lionel Murphy’s paintings are huge, commanding, and powerful. But they didn’t start that way. In “Interior Violence,” Murphy imagines a world where women suddenly find themselves becoming giants after surviving trauma. Although their past has some dark moments, they have entered a new era filled with pink floating flowers, giant velvet couches, wild cats, station wagons, and cell phone chargers. Murphy’s first solo show, hosted at CO Exhibitions, will feature 22 paintings and a variety of installation items to pull you further into her world. The inspiration for the show is tied to Murphy’s personal growth as a survivor of domestic violence and PTSD. “It is in the context of PTSD that I ask for my work to be viewed in the tradition of war paintings; except the battle here is in the home,” says Murphy. These are women who may continue to battle, but they’ve already won the war.