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Since 2011, the annual Eyeo Code+ed Summit has attracted creative coders, data designers, and artists from around the world to collaborate and investigate the ways that art, information, and interaction connect. Taking advantage of the fact that all these brilliant people will be in town this week, Paige Dansinger, who runs the Mpls Center for Digital Art, has organized "Inter:Connected," an independent exhibition featuring local and national artists, including folks who will be attending Eyeo. Some highlights include Aiko Nakano's digiPop, an interactive art installation/game that responds to gestures and sounds, and Erin Ko's Black Star, a cave painting/digital portal wall piece that augments reality. Visitors can also help complete Kwandeep Verdee's work using paint and markers or tweet colors of the rainbow as part of a project created by Ko and Dansinger. Find the show in the Mpls Center for Digital Art space in suite #102.