Intelliphunk's 10-Year Anniversary Party: IPH1138

Long ago in a rave galaxy far away (or just Minneapolis some years back), a consensus was reached between friends at a party that Intellephunk's super-dedicated founding DJ, Steve "Centrific" Seuhling, would still be blaring Richie Hawtin into his techno-trampled ears somewhere on a rickety porch well into his 80s. Well, kids, we're 10 whole years closer to that increasingly less-bizarre notion—bringing a tear to my eye for reasons both vain and sentimental—and the infamous crew is celebrating its legacy of corrupting the city's youth into sinister soldiers of mega-watt sound with a supreme party themed after George Lucas's 1971 film, THX 1138. "IPH1138" will feature a barrage of beat masters ranging from heavyweights Richard Devine and Mark Verbos to long-loved local staples E-Tones, Apollo, Mike G., and Centrific himself. In theme with Lucas's film, you'll get a barcode stamped on your bod, which you can use throughout the night to access art installations. So much has changed in the world since the IPH crew threw their first rave here in 1998, but the group's fervor for music has remained thankfully constant. "The pants are smaller and the music got slower, but we have grown up together and now complement each other as whole," Centrific states. So come celebrate Grandpa Steve and Co.'s vast contributions to Minneapolis. Be sure to hit up for more information.
Sat., May 10, 2008

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