Insights 2009: Experimental Jetset, Amsterdam

It's probably not hard to imagine that words on a page can be iconic, a famous saying or passage in a book, for example. However, it is probably a greater leap to call the actual typeface and layout of words "iconic." But they certainly can be. In this installment of the Walker's Insights series, Marieke Stolk and Danny van den Dungen, founding members of the graphic design company Experimental Jetset, will discuss their work. Based in Amsterdam, the duo, along with cofounder Erwin Brinkers, has gone on to create books, posters, sign systems, and circulars with a sparse modernity. Words appear cleanly; squares, circles, or other geometric shapes may also be used, but their occurrence is rare. Jetset's works are often limited to two colors, though projects occasionally use more, some bright, others hushed. Notorious for their loyalty to Helvetica, a typeface created in 1957 to be readable and clear, the design team was featured in the documentary film of the same name.
Tue., March 24, 7 p.m., 2009

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