Insight Summer Kick-Off Party

June 28
4-7 p.m.
Barhopping, Food and Drink

Named City Pages’ Best Brewery this year, Insight Brewing has quickly gained attention for its diverse and consistent stable of beers. Tonight, they celebrate the season by showing off four summer varieties. Dankbot is a sticky, piney, and tropical IPA. The Banshee Cutter is described by Indeed as “latte-like,” with notes of coffee, citrus, and honey. The Witbier is smooth, wheaty, and spicy. And then there’s the newest canned offering, Crazy Aunt, which is perhaps their most unique beer yet. The gin-and-tonic-style ale is brewed with the same ingredients as the famed cocktail, offering a beer/cocktail option for summer that’s refreshing — but not quite as boozy as a mixed drink. Insight’s staff will be at Happy Gnome this Wednesday handing out free swag and talking barley/hops, with pints for just $5.