Independence & Revolution 1810/1910/2010

This year is an important one in regard to Mexican history. It has been 100 years since the Mexican Revolution, and 200 since the Mexican War of Independence. To celebrate these landmark anniversaries, the Mexican consulate and Intermedia Arts are teaming up for this gallery exhibition featuring modern artists inspired by Mexico's past, present, and future. Featured participants in this group show will explore traditional and modern elements in Mexican culture, and artists include Martha Driessen, Veronica Jato, Sandra Felemovicius, Gustavo Lira, Maria Cristina Tavera, and Xavier Tavera. The show opened last week but is on display throughout the month of May, and is part of the Catalyst Series, which seeks to highlight and promote emerging artists in the community. (Que Viva Zapata by Veronica Jato)
April 29-May 28, 2010

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