In the Spirit

St. Paul artist Ta-coumba Aiken may be most beloved for his spirited murals that reflect the communities in which they reside. Voices of Hope on the wall of the St. Paul Union Gospel Mission animatedly celebrates the hands and hearts of those helping and helped. His cast-stone walls for the Robert Street Municipal Parking Ramp humanize the massive structure with abstractions of pedestrians walking by. Aiken also creates smaller-scale works, including mixed-media paintings on canvas and blown-glass objects, which are part of his new show, "In the Spirit." While abstracting figurative imagery into vibrant works of color and motion, Aiken never abandons his artistic purpose, which is to create art that "heals the hearts and souls of people and their communities by evoking a positive spirit." A discussion on the show will be held at 7 p.m. Wednesday, February 23
Feb. 3-25, 2011

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