In the Loop’s Story Slam III: “Disguise”

The last Story Slam, on the intentionally enigmatic theme "Losing," featured a hilarious story of hair loss and poignant elegies to the loss of virginity, as well as a historic tale of how King George lost the war against the American insurgency. This time around, host Jeff Horwich and backing band the Smarts, a group (according to the band itself) "with practically no prosthetic enhancements," invite those with a knack for narrative to share their original tales on the subject of "Disguise." Willing audience members may sign up before the show, and names will be drawn randomly to determine the evening's tellers—those who wax eloquent during their four-minute tale may have their performance featured on a "best of the slam" broadcast. But if you're glossophobic, fear not—the evening boasts ample entertainment for those unwilling to spin a tale onstage. Though be forewarned—previous Story Slams have more than sold out.
Wed., Oct. 24, 6:30 p.m., 2007

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