Like Dracula, they've been around a while, wear makeup, and enjoy a splash of gore. Their forthcoming Cryptozoology: Creatures of God? is a tribute to the monsters people believe are real—"Chuppacobbra," "Behemoth in the Loch," "Abominable Snowman." So Impaler are a Halloween institution, festive and rich. But their music is no joke. "Arms of the Kracken" and "Where Is the Minnesota Iceman" embody (or disembody) everything squealing, crunchy, and double-kick-drum elegant about punk-influenced metal that begins with Alice Cooper. They pack a wallop live, and are joined tonight by For Blood, Dying Euforia, and Death Row Martyr. With costume contests, prizes, and more. 18+. (Photo by William Simpson)
Fri., Oct. 30, 8 p.m., 2009

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