Illuminous 3

You might've seen their logo on some ubiquitous sticker pasted to the back of a street sign -- silhouettes of the IDS Center, Wells Fargo Center and 225 South 6th, the three tallest buildings in Minneapolis. But while the Illuminous 3 haven't reached the stature of those skyscrapers yet, that's largely because it took them six years between their formation and this month to finally release their debut album Room. It's a good thing Mavin MC, Freez and are the types of battle-tested artists who're prone to spending a long stretch of time like that honing their crafts as producers and MCs on assorted solo joints. Much of their soulfully-produced, classic lyricist-driven style sticks to '94 like Twin Cities freeway commuters, and it takes skills like theirs to transcend the whiff of stale throwback that other bring-the-real-back revivalists fall into. So Illuminous 3 operate under the premise that the golden age never went away, evolving it into something fresh and new that they'll keep going strong for years to come. DJ Snuggles, Usual Suspects, Kanser and DJ Noam the Drummer open, while Toki Wright hosts the proceedings. 18+.
Thu., Dec. 11, 8 p.m., 2008

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