III Kings Soundsystem

Anyone can throw on a red-green-and-gold ensemble, guzzle Red Stripe after Red Stripe and natter on about how they had a real deep experience getting zooted to a midnight showing of The Harder They Come, but to actually make your way as a Selector, well, that's another thing entirely. For over five years, the three DJs that make up III Kings Sound System -- DJ I-Roach (aka Brigadier Woodro), DJ Pushie and DJ Trichrome -- have dropped the finest in new and vintage reggae, dub and dancehall sides, starting out with a long run at Sgt. Preston's and eventually transitioning to West Bank's beer haven, the Nomad World Pub. Its $2 cover charge makes it one of the better bargains for a weeknight out, and you're guaranteed a richer, deeper cross-section of Jamaican music than another night listening to Legend: the Best of Bob Marley with your bros.
Wednesdays, 10 p.m., 2010

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