If Not It, Then What?


In "If Not, Then What?" guests can check out drawings on found carbon paper and colored-pencil drawings that evoke moments from artist Allen Brewer's past. Upon first glance, images of fairies, clowns, and dolls with brief written statements may appear to be mere doodles, or a pleasant flashback to a simple children's book. But take another sip of wine and look more closely, and you will find a sharper edge. In one piece, a happy-looking cowboy doll with wings has the phrase "To have died" in tiny letters above his head, giving the viewer pause as to what has died (a childhood dream?). An image of a seated clown contains underlined words that don't quite make sense, forcing one to peer carefully at the image to discover that the character has four feet. The exhibit—which features over 50 drawings—are all linked to specific moments in Brewer's childhood. Will you see something relating to yours as well? Take a closer look.
March 12-May 9, 2010

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