For those familiar with the paintings of Louisa Greenstock and Erin Sayer, the name of this gallery show should come across as extremely appropriate. Over the years, each artist has put together quite a portfolio of portraits featuring iconic individuals past and present, real and imagined, local and universal. Both are as prolific as they are compelling; Sayer has curated many great shows since opening the Cult Status Gallery, and British transplant Greenstock has frequently had her work pop up around town in galleries and bars. Over 50 pieces will be on display, many of which are promised to be "large scale and totally epic." In a recent City Pages interview, Sayer explained her fascination with painting portraits of iconic figures: "I suppose it is my wish to be like them in a way, and to archive a very tiny moment in a life. The second that the person looked that exact way in their entire lives seems to me tragic and haunting, rather than iconic or something to be worshipped." Get caught up in the moment at the opening reception, which will feature a DJ set from the locally iconic Venus DeMars. It starts at 8 p.m. this Thursday, December 16.
Dec. 11-Jan. 9, 2010

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