Ian Bagg

If comedian Ian Bagg looks a bit like a hockey player, there's very good reason. He grew up in British Columbia with aspirations of playing the sport professionally. However, a few brutal hockey camps knocked him in the direction of comedy. He still loves the game, though, and occasionally plays in monthlong tournaments in Canada. "I'm a huge hockey fan," he states. "I'm a Vancouver Canucks fan through and through. My parents still send me, every Christmas, a boat load of stickers, key chains, the little bobble heads, and a Canucks calendar from Shippers Drug Mart, which is a Canadian drugstore. Every year since I was kid my parents got that for me." A true offspring of the English-speaking world, Bagg has a Canadian father and an Australian mother, and he currently lives in Los Angeles. Onstage he talks a lot about current events. "I like to have a conversation with the audience, more than I do a monologue, so you don't know where the show's going to end up. Basically my show is a road rally and I have to hit certain points."
Dec. 1-4, 8 p.m.; Dec. 3-4, 10:30 p.m., 2010

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