I Love the '90s Tour

Oct. 22
6 p.m.

Trapper Keepers. Ecto-Coolers. Tamagotchis. Waco. Other references. If the above words resonate with your millennial heart, you might just be the target demo for I Love the ’90s, the triple-headliner nostalgia parade coming to Target Center. Among the Clinton-era radio-rap hitmakers set to perform: Vanilla Ice, Salt-N-Pepa, Coolio, Kid ’n Play, Rob Base, and Young MC. Don’t know what to expect? Here’s a helpful primer from the event’s press release: “Audiences can expect to hear chart-topping hits like ‘Let’s Talk About Sex,’ ‘Shoop,’ ‘Ice, Ice Baby,’ ‘It Takes Two,’ ‘Gangsta’s Paradise,’ ‘Bust a Move,’ and MORE during a fun-filled night out that doubles as an arena-sized dance party.” The tour is a smart, pride-saving move for the involved legacy acts. Rather than gig solo at outer-ring suburban casinos, the performers can form, Voltron-style, and still retain stadium cachet. The approach is similar to the one taken by the Kings of the Mic Tour — featuring LL Cool J, Ice Cube, Public Enemy, and De La Soul — which hit Target Center in 2013, but was depressingly under-attended. The I Love the ’90s Tour began back in April and runs through February, so it’s presumably packing its marathon string of dates.