Hunting Club

Listening to the first minute and 45 seconds of "Yours Truly" by locals Hunting Club, music snobs prone to making comparisons might have the band name Muse on the tips of their tongues. There are the ultra-dramatic guitar lines and swooning vocals that manage to capture the width of six notes in the space of one. Then come the Beach Boys-esque harmonies in the chorus. Quickly, the urge to categorize falls limp, because you notice Hunting Club are more than the sum of their inspirations or techniques. Within one song the band can doodle in sparse terrain, then erupt into a crowded, speaker-blowing intensity. They can bring you to the depths of sorrow, and then rescue you with tones of hope. Add it all up, and Hunting Club become a beautiful and complex animal, defying any stereotype, and you realize it's more enjoyable just to listen than to dissect. With Speed's the Name, These Modern Socks, and Kill Me Kare Bare.
Sat., Dec. 19, 9:30 p.m., 2009

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