How F@#&ing Romantic: Nine bands perform Magnetic Fields's 69LoveSongs

Valentine's Day, the fatted calf of the confectioner, remains a bittersweet day for even the most cerebral primates among us. Stephen Merritt, the particularly evolved brain behind Magnetic Fields, is a primate of the highest order, and even he saw fit to spend a career reporting on the romantic sap and scorn that finds an arbitrary locus every February 14. The familiar faces filling the Turf tonight should satisfy the Lloyd Dobler in all of us as they launch an attempt at 69 Love Songs, Merritt's magnum opus of love and love lost. Expect Faux Jean to bring much pomp and circumstance to the maudlin masterpiece while the Como Avenue Jug Band retrofits jingling chamber pop to the washboard and gutbucket. Be ye singular or plural, the Turf Club provides the perfect venue for your forced march down lover's lane and any pithy remarks you care to make along the way.
Thu., Feb. 14, 8 p.m., 2008

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