House of Mercy


Spend this Sunday with House of Mercy. Errant churchgoers: Some flimsy logic might even weasel you out of your regular Sunday-morning obligations. To the rest of you frothy, wild-eyed heathens—see you there. If you haven't seen House of Mercy, you need to know: They're awesome, a pseudo-religious gospel-country blend from real, live, honest-to-god church folk. And what better venue than the Turf Club, the place that birthed them—the band's music really softens the edges of the St. Paul club. Sometimes they sound like Willie Nelson, other times like Tom Waits, and then, of course, Johnny Cash. More than one rumor has them pegged as one of our best local live acts. So grab a Bloody Mary, belly up in the darkened bar, and get thee baptized into the House of Mercy congregation. Preceded by the comedy/music act Riot Act Reading Series. 21+.
Sun., Sept. 28, 7 p.m., 2008

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