Hot Hot Heat

It seems like a big deal when major labels pick up an indie-favorite band; the fans who have been there since the beginning (rightly) start to wonder if they'll recognize the group when they emerge on the other side of an image-and-marketing machine. But what happens when the majors lose interest? Ask Hot Hot Heat—a debut full of youthful synth rock led to a relationship with Warner Bros., but after two albums with the majors, the honeymoon is over and HHH have been left to their own devices. It isn't necessarily a bad thing. Without Big Brother watching the boards and over-polishing their 2010 effort, Future Breeds, the band has been able to get back to some of the breathless promise of their first record—though it also means that HHH's profile has come down a bit, now headlining the cozy 7th St. Entry instead of a much larger club. The marquee may not be as big, but a return to basics has pumped life back into the band. With Hey Rosetta! and 22-20s. 18+. (Photo by Darren Ankenman)
Wed., Sept. 15, 8 p.m., 2010

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