Homegrown's Rock 'n' Roll Funeral

Since October 29, 1996, when Mei Young spun a lone song from a local artist in the radio-nowhere of two o'clock Sunday morning, this city listened as Homegrown blossomed into an institution. Through time-slot changes, a small army of co-hosts, and a jump from KQRS to Drive 105, the show soldiered on, unfazed. The program was a torchlight leading the way through the vast cavern of local music, illuminating what was relevant. More importantly, it highlighted what Young and company enjoyed listening to themselves—even if what they enjoyed wasn't necessarily conducive to propping up the bottom line of the radio station. When Drive 105 became Love 105, the show got the boot, and this time, the wound proved fatal. Though tonight is touted as a funeral for Homegrown, the mood should hardly be somber, as this also serves as the CD-release party for Silage: Foreclosure & Eviction, the second volume of live recordings from the show, including one from the very last broadcast that aired May 6, 2007. Homegrown is sorely missed, but this should ease us into the grieving process. With Haley Bonar, A Night in the Box, Dan Israel & the Cultivators, Ben Connelly, Big Trouble, and special guests TBA.
Fri., Feb. 22, 9 p.m., 2008

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