Mixing '60s girl-pop vocals with ghoulish organ lines, the Chicago ladies (and boy) of Hollows have created a warped, modern Motown, even including a razor edge of punk. (Imagine the Shangri-Las with tattoos and master's degrees in Brass Knuckle Utilization.) Most songs start with cutesy, breathy vocals performed in harmony, but inevitably the spook factor quickly rises with creepy lyrics about scarecrows, freaky birds, and bad boys. In "Love Will Find You," even sing-songy daydreams morph into nightmares, as heckling playground laughter overtakes the chorus in an orchestrated Carrie climax. Thinking Hollows are all smiles and doe eyes is a wrong move, schoolchildren. Those bitches hide knives under their dresses. With Funeral and the Twilight, Zombie Season, and Sundowners. (Photo by Kumar303)
Sat., Nov. 21, 9 p.m., 2009

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