Hit Like a Girl

The title of this exhibit might sound like a thinly veiled insult, but we assure you it is not. Rather, it turns the phrase on its head by asking artists to draw inspiration from the women and growing girls who make an impact in the world. For this group show, 20 artists will present their takes on what exactly "hitting like a girl" means to them. Images include Andrew Bawidamann's shiny, strong superhero-esque figures; Brian Ewing's fierce lady who stares at the viewer as if in a contest; and Mitch Loidolt's disgruntled-looking chick who we can tell won't take crap from anyone. At the opening party this Friday, March 12 from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m., guests can mingle with real women who hit hard: The Minnesota RollerGirls will be on hand in full sports gear. There will be beer, wine, and snacks as well. Tips and proceeds from the art show benefit Foundation IX, a Minnesota organization that strives to help girls overcome financial obstacles to involvement in sports and fitness. (Art by Andrew Bawidamann)
March 12-April 1, 2010

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