History of Hip: The Big Pitch: Advertising in the 50s

They say that the 1950s was a more innocent time. Whether or not that is true (the Baby Boom phenomenon seems to suggest otherwise), the era was definitely a time of financial growth. Cars sold as easy as pancakes, housewives could buy happiness with a new dishwasher and fridge, and if you weren't rotting your teeth with soda you were charring your lungs with ever-present cigarettes. Credit card debt and Ford bankruptcy were only a sparkle in the economy's eye. This Tuesday, as part of the History of Hip Series, University of Minnesota professor Melissa Williams and advertising executive Lee Lynch will discuss ads from the "golden age" of advertising, and the influence ads from the period have on advertising and consumer culture today. For tickets call 651.259.3015. 21+.
Tue., Feb. 17, 7:30-9 p.m., 2009

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